• Our company has 10 years of experience in the construction of swimming pools. Our first objects and successfully operated at the moment. During this period we have gained a lot of experience with complex objects. Workforce consists of 36 persons. The company has design, assembly, finishing, technological and service departments.
  • The company has a total building license number AV357502, performs design and general contracting work. We perform general contracting work on large projects, public and private spa complex.
  • Our staff (engineers, technologists, tommy, installers and customer service) receive regular training in Germany in companies and OSPA MENERGA.
  • We offer only innovative products of European quality, appropriate German normam.DIN 19643 (these norms corresponds to only about 5% of all completed projects in Ukraine. We do not offer a technique that illiquid in Europe (oriented to third world countries) or equipment that is not well has proved in operation.